Bolder Fundraising's skilled team provides your candidacy or organization with a 'campaign in a box'. With our knowledge and know how you can keep your team light whilst maximizing your fundraising and outreach potential.


All clients receive round the clock access to a team of fundraising specialists who will help develop, deploy, and support a robust fundraising program tailor-made to suit your organization or candidacy.

Candidate call time management, compliance (FEC/State/Local), digital fundraising, donor research and list curation/development, as well as discount rates with leading industry list vendors.


Bolder F&S's team has experience managing a variety of political operations. We will develop, deploy, and support a pathway to victory plan or plan for organizational growth.

Field plan development, digital distributed organizing, staff headhunting, opposition research, budget management, press releases & PR, advertising and content production, graphic design, crisis communications


With years of experience in PR, digital, and communications roles, our team has everything needed to develop a message and then spread it far and wide using email, social media and in house SMS & targeted ads.

SMS fundraising at per text rates more affordable than industry competitors, email fundraising, social media, targeted digital advertisements, household IP targeting for digital ads at 95% accuracy